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Spring/Summer Border Planning

Following on from our previous post regarding Spring planting, Brian has drawn up some suggested border designs. The plants mentioned are a mixture of Shrubs and Perennial flowering plants. For those new to gardening, Perennial plants return each year, giving you an established garden.

Taller shrubs eg Rose or Camellia are planted at the back to give you height. Camellias with their evergreen foliage flower late Winter/Early Spring giving you early colour. Pieris also add interest in the border and they are another evergreen shrub with foliage that begins to turn red in Spring and is then followed by attractive flowers.

At the front of the border are Spring flowering perennials. They flower until early summer, some with attractive variegated leaves (eg Arabis). Also planted are summer flowering perennials that spread eg Cerastium "Snow in Summer" the name gives you an indication of its masses of white flowers!

Gaps have been left amongst the plants should you wish to add in Annual Summer Bedding plants eg Begonias, Busy Lizzies, Lobelia, Dahlias.

Happy Planning!

Available on the website:-

Cerastium -

Lavender -

Azaleas - 5 Litre -

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Ceanothus - 2 Litre -

Buddleja -

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