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Spring Planting Tips

We have had lots of requests for Summer Bedding Plants. It is still a little early for these tender plants and a frost can see them off! Remember, we are more likely to see snow in April than we do in December. We do now have a few Summer Bedding and Basket plants in. But please remember, Begonias, in particular, aren't too keen on the frost. If you are planting them in your baskets, then perhaps bring them in if its going to be particularly cold.

However, if you are looking to plant up your borders with colour, here are a few tips from Brian.

1. Plant Spring flowering Perennials but leave gaps. Your Summer Bedding can go in those gaps, giving you colour from now until late Summer.

2. If you prefer colour now, plant Violas or Pansies in the gaps and swap them for Summer Bedding when it becomes available.

3. If you prefer a more fuss free border - plant Summer Flowering Perennials in those gaps. Currently we have Cerastium (Snow in Summer) which flowers April-June or Lemon Fizz (Cotton Lavender) which flower July-August (now out of stock). We have just added Lavendula, Lupins and Dianthus. More to be added to the website soon.

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