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Been on Holiday and forgotten to water your basket?

We have had a number of messages asking if anything can be done about a Hanging Basket that hasn't been watered whilst the owners have been on holiday. Here's a suggestion from Brian that may bring your basket back to life:-

Should you forget to water your basket and it has dried out, try putting it in a bucket of water and giving it a good soak. When the soil dries out it can often be difficult to get the soil to moisten as any water poured onto it will bounce off. When you are watering the basket and the water runs through quickly and out of the basket, it can be a sign that the soil is too dry. Popping it into a bucket and soaking until the soil is soft again may bring back a Hanging Basket that looks as though it has died. After that some plants may be beyond saving, so remove and possibly replace.

Please remember to water twice a day at this time of year and to give your basket a weekly feed.

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