Wooden Crate Planted Container

Wooden Crate Planted Container

If you are looking for an unusual, low maintenace but visually stunning planted container, then this Sedum, Hebe and Heather planted wooden crate is ideal. 


Filled with two varieties of Sedum - "Coca-Cola" and "Acre Aureum", Hebe "Heartbreaker" and 2 x Calluna "Darkness" (Heather).


Sedum "Coca-Cola"

Silver grey foliage with masses of soft pink flowers.

Flowering time: mid spring to summer.


Sedum "Acre Aureum"

Dazzling, bright, yellow flowers on Evergreen, pale green, fleshy-leaved trailing mats with golden- tipped stems.

Flowering time: Early to mid Summer.


Calluna "Darkness" (Heather)

An outstanding plant of compact habit bearing masses of attractive crimson flowers in dense spikes on dark green foliage

Flowering time: Late Summer


Hebe "Heartbreaker"

A compact, dense Evergreen shrub with neatly arranged variegated foliage that turns pink in cold weather. Low maintenance and easy to grow, providing year round colour.  Clusters of bee friendly mauve flowers provide additional interest during summer.

Flowering time: Summer.


Crate Size:-

Height - 18cm

Width - 35cm

Depth - 25cm