Trailing Petunias (Milliflora) - Mini Flowered - White

Trailing Petunias (Milliflora) - Mini Flowered - White

1 Litre Pot


A beautiful plant ideal for your Hanging Baskets or Containers. 


Milliflora petunia are an annual trailng plant that is newer to the market than the more well known Grandiflora or Multiflora.  This variety produce masses of 1- to 1 ½-inch (2.5-4 cm.) blooms on miniature plants. The mature size of the plants is generally about 8 inches (20.5 cm.) tall and wide.


Milliflora petunias bloom early and are often grown in containers or hanging baskets. They are low-maintenance plants that require no deadheading.


Height and Spread: 20cm x 25cm

Blooms: May to October

Watering: Frequently

Position: Prefers Full Sun