Standard Photinia (Red Robin)

Standard Photinia (Red Robin)

Standard Photinia (also known as Red Robin).  


This tree will be a stunning addition to the front of your house or Patio.  Add a few lights at Christmas for that extra sparkle.


An ideal plant this evergreen boasts a cheerful bright red colour turning evergreen after a few weeks.


Once matured the Photinia  leaves are dark green with red tips. During spring small white flowers blossom on the Red Tip Photinia which produce red berries likely to remain through until winter.


  • Best Features: Bright red new leaves, evergreen foliage, year-round interest
  • Position: Plant in a sunny or partially shaded site, sheltered from cold winter winds.  Prefers fertile, moist but well-drained soil
  • Care:  Water well before planting and until established.  Feed in late spring with suitable granular fertiliser.  Cut back in Summer to maintain shape.