Impatiens - Busy Lizzies (6 Pack

Impatiens - Busy Lizzies (6 Pack

Impatiens, or Busy Lizzie, is a tender plant with long-lasting blooms, flowering continuously right through summer and autumn, often right up until the frosts. Impatiens are compact-growing, adaptable and versatile plants that can be grown in all types of pots and containers as well as in borders or raised beds. They flower in vibrant shades of red, pink, orange and purple, as well as white and softer pastels. Their blooms are mainly single, with some double-flowered varieties.


The old favourite ‘busy Lizzie’, Impatiens walleriana, disappeared from the scene for some years due to widespread problems with downy mildew disease, but plant breeders have now produced disease-resistant varieties so it is available once again. This type is compact, with small, pale green leaves.


Impatiens flower best in full sun or part shade. Plant in a spot where they’re sheltered from winds as the stems can snap easily. Grow impatiens in pots, hanging baskets and window boxes as well as in borders and raised beds.


Water pot-grown impatiens regularly to keep the compost evenly moist, but not waterlogged. From mid-summer, apply a liquid fertilizer high in potash, once every 10-14 days. Remove faded flowers and yellowing leaves once or twice a week to keep plants looking good and to avoid danger of grey mould (a fungal disease). Trim back any straggly shoots to encourage a compact bushy shape.