Cowslips - 1L Pot

Cowslips - 1L Pot

Simple yet lovely, cowslips are synonymous with spring and Easter.


Cowslip is an attractive flowering plant found in meadows and on woodland floors.

Leaves: dark green and wrinkled, and quite wide but narrow towards the end. The leaf edges are toothed, and a light cream-green vein can clearly be seen in the centre of the leaf. They grow in a basal rosette formation.

Flowers: bright yellow, bell-shaped flowers that have five petals with small indents on the top edge of each petal. The flowers are enclosed by a long, green, tube-shaped calyx (protective flower casing) and are found in clusters on each plant, all facing to one side.


Common name: cowslip

Scientific name: Primula veris

Family: Primroses

Origin: native

Flowering season: April to May

Habitat: grassland, woodland, ancient woodland, hedgerows

Height: 10 - 30cm



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