Azalea “Marmot”

Azalea “Marmot”

Oval shaped, deep green leaves with scattered fine hairs are held on rigid stout stems up to a height of around 45 cms or so in around 10 years. Flowers are produced in early spring at the stem tips in dense clusters. These are open mouthed, colour is a nice strong scarlet-red. Suitable for the smaller rock garden or shaded area in acid soil. The evergreen nature of these shrubs adds backbone to the garden especially throughout the winter months.

A good strong growing hybrid with rich green evergreen foliage and scarlet-red flowers

Type: Evergreen shrub

Family: Ericaceae

Flower Colour: Red

Flowering Season: Spring

Size: 47.5 cms to 60 cms high

Origin: Garden Origin

Preferred Conditions: Moist, acid soil

Preferred Aspect: Full sun or part shade

Additional Feature: Glossy foliage