Astilbes are a group of plants which will tolerate semi shade and so are useful for those parts of the garden which do not have the benefit of much sun. Astilbes prefer damp or moist soil, and are suitable for waterside or semi bog planting as long as the ground is not waterlogged.  

Growing requirements for Astilbes are simple;  a semi shaded place in soil which tends to be damp and does not dry out and in these conditions Astilbes are easy and unfussy plants.  Astilbe are suitable for all soil types, including acid soils, the only exception is dry soil. 


Astilbe will tolerate drier soil as long as it is still shady. Astilbe are tolerant of poor conditions and will grow in exposed areas. Astilbe are a herbaceous perennial which means they die back to bare earth over winter and re grow each spring.



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